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A Brand Is More Than Just Your Logo

We often hear the words ‘brand’ and ‘logo’ used interchangeably, but the fact of the matter is they are not the same. 



What is a brand? 


Your brand makes up several different aspects of your company/business. Within your brand lives your brand identity, which is made up of your mission statement, values, and personality. Brand identity is what is communicated to your customers and shapes their impression of you. As a whole, your brand is more than a name or symbol. 



Your logo is the face of your business. Logos are a combination of words, images, and colors. It is what helps your audience recognize you. The concept of a logo has been around for thousands of years. We have seen symbols being used for communication since The Stone Age. A logo should be recognizable and encompass the essence of your brand using only visual elements. It’s the logo that customers recognize and come to eventually trust by association. The Mere Exposure Effect in psychology is when people show an increased liking for something as they are exposed to it more. This applies to logos that we see in our surroundings often. Take Tide detergent, for example, as a brand that in reality doesn’t make the highest quality detergent but is one we purchase because of how often we see it in stores or on tv. 



Do I need both? 


Both branding and a logo are necessary for a successful business. Your logo will introduce your company to consumers and shape their initial opinion based solely on visuals and colors. The brand is what sucks customers in by sharing with them your company’s goals, values, and overall vibe. The brand is then what convinces them to purchase, subscribe, or learn more. It is very important that these two factors coincide. It will confuse consumers if the logo implies that your business is something different. 



BrandMade up of a company’s identity, personality, values, mission statements, and overall message.
LogoThe visual representation of your brand.





Overall, to create a successful company you will need a logo that matches your brand and aligns with the morals of your business. You also need to establish your brand identity and what you want your values and personality to be. From there, you have the beginning of a successful business. Need help with your logo or branding? Learn more here: