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We want to make a difference in the life of your business! We do this by upholding meaningful relationships with our clients with the goal of long term value! We can only do that with quality work backed with a proven track record and 100’s of successful campaigns, events, and relationships. The best results in your future marketing will be investing in humans.

Kinetek provides supplemental creative services that make your team whole!

So…why partner with Kinetek instead of doing it on your own?

  • It’s more affordable than hiring and sustaining your own in-house marketing team
  • It takes time and budget to nurture an employee to be competent at digital marketing
  • It’s not possible for a business owner to do everything on their own
  • We do what we are great at so you can focus on growing your business

How we do IT





Social Media

Event Coverage



We Design and Innovate Brand Experiences

We find the soul in your brand and help tell your story (to the right people, in the right ways).


Digital Media Buying

Event Marketing & Coverage

Website Design

Website Management 

Creative Branding Campaigns

Content Developement

Social Media



Graphic Design

Our experience.

Our experience.

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