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What Is SEO And How Is It Useful

Marketing is all about getting your brand, website, or company found by consumers. Search Engine Optimization helps your website be seen by more consumers, and when used correctly is very beneficial. Understanding how SEO works and evolves will help keep your brand relevant. Let’s break it down. 


What Are Search Engines?



Search engines are how consumers find what they are searching for online (think Google, Bing, and Yahoo). 


What Is SEO?



SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process used to enhance a website to become easily findable by consumers. In simpler terms, it is the process of making your website more human, and google, friendly. Optimizing improves a website’s link popularity so that it’s more relevant in user search queries. When search engines rank your website higher up due to SEO, it is easier for users to find your site. 


Does SEO Matter? 


The goal of SEO optimization is to raise your ranking in organic search results. The higher your website is listed in organic search results, the more people will see it which leads to more generated sales, bookings, etc. The more traffic you have, the more brand awareness you’ll have as well. 


How Does SEO Work? 


We know that optimized websites will rank higher and be more visible, but how does it work? Search engines will survey websites online in order to run an algorithm that determines what results to display. Because Google has the majority of the global search engine market, SEO primarily focuses on Google. Google happens to prefer relevant results, which is why SEO is targeted toward relevancy and popularity


What Do Search Engines Rank You On?


You want to find the keywords and phrases that your target audience is using in their Google searches. Search engines rank and sort content based on three factors


  1. Keyword – keywords present in titles and headings
  2. Speed – whether or not the loading speed is quick and the site is mobile-friendly 
  3. Reputation – Whether or not your website is reputable


Keep these factors in mind when you are creating or developing your website. 


The Difference Between Paid And Organic Search Results 



Be cautious of the first few results that pop up in your google search because typically the first 3-4 results are Paid search results, which are entirely different than Organic search results


Paid Search Results 


Paid search results will display first when you google something because that brand has paid to be displayed at the top. It is easier to measure the ROI (return on investment) with paid search, but it slowly declines over time. Users are also less likely to click on paid search results possibly because they can recognize that they’re ads. 


Organic Search Results


Organic search results are the ones that occur in your search feed naturally without paid advertising. They can take more time to appear in search results than paid do, but organic has a better return on investment. The majority of searchers click on SEO results (organic) as opposed to paid results. This occurs because users see more authenticity in organic results. 


The 3 pillars of SEO 



There are three separate pillars of SEO that when combined provide your website with ultimate search engine optimization. 


1. Technical Optimization 


This happens behind the scenes to improve SEO, not directly related to content. When your website is technically optimized it has a great internal linking structure that can be easily scanned by google robots, it’s fast, and it’s secure. Learn how we can help you with this here.


2. On-page optimization 


On-page optimization happens within the content of your webpage – ensuring that your content is relevant and provides a pleasant user experience. This is where the use of specific keywords will come in and you’ll want to do research on which phrases work best for your desired results. 


3. Off-page optimization 


Optimization that happens off the page is driven by backlinks (a link from another web source). Backlinks are used to reference something that you’re talking about and can be added throughout your page or blog post. 



How Do I Utilize SEO?


Measure and assess how your company is currently ranking based on measuring keywords and traffic. Ask yourself ‘What do my customers search for on google?’ and write down some of the answers. Research different keywords that are popular within your industry to keep in mind and narrow down your keyword niche. Base the copy on your website on your industry’s most used keywords. Customer experience is important so don’t go too crazy. Everything still has to make sense. 


How Can I SEO Optimize My Website?


Further your SEO efforts process with a team of qualified marketing professionals here.





It is important to establish an SEO strategy for your company or business, but keep in mind that your strategy may occasionally alter. You also have to wait patiently at times to see the end results. Overall, your SEO efforts will benefit your business in more ways than one. Get started on evaluating your current website’s SEO and establishing a strategy with Kinetek Media here.