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What Is Graphic Design?

Different types of Graphic Design And The Benefits Of Visual Elements 


Graphic design is extremely vast. There are many elements and variations of graphic design. When most people think of graphic design, they think of logos and brand images, but it goes so much deeper than that. 


Defining Graphic Design 


Graphic design is a way of communicating a message through visual elements. By utilizing page layout techniques, typography, images, and or videos, they are able to display interactive designs that curate the user experience. 

Graphic design is an ancient craft that dates back past Egyptian hieroglyphs. The term originates in the 1920s print industry, It continues to cover a range of aspects like logo creation. In terms of marketing, graphic design handles the aesthetic appeal of marketing. They utilize images, color, and typography to captivate their audience. 


Main Purpose For Graphic Design 


The objective is to convey or enhance a message from a company or brand. A good graphic artist streamlines communication. A talented graphic designer can motivate the viewer to act or elicit an emotional response. There is meaning and passion behind their designs that are meant to communicate a certain message or feeling, or even solve a problem. 


Where Does Graphic Design Apply 


Graphic design is composed of many various fields ranging from print materials to motion graphics. Now that so much of today’s world is online, graphic design plays a part in many aspects of business within several industries. Every successful business needs a logo and visual elements for consumers to identify with. For example, even the visuals you see while waiting in the dentist’s office. Those were created by a graphic designer. Magazine layouts are done by graphic designers. 


The Types of Graphic Design 


There are many different types of graphic designers, and most do more than one form of it. 


Website Design 



Website designers create the visual appearance of the website utilizing branding materials and visual elements. They will create the images, graphics, and overall page layout. They must work with a web developer to optimize the user experience, as well as set up the functionality of the website on the back end. Our team specializes in website design as well as web development. Get started today. 


Brand Design 



Brand designers are crucial for communicating the personality, voice, and core messaging of a company through their visual representation. This requires a lot of strategy and research. The responsibilities of brand design include creating the logo, colors, and typography while setting guidelines for how they are to be used. They also create branding templates, letterheads, icons, and various brand illustrations. If the brand sells products, they are in charge of designing the product packaging as well as marketing designs, and website design. Meet with our team of graphic designers that have brand design experience. 


Marketing Design 



Marketing designers are in charge of designing visual elements for marketing initiatives and campaigns. In this, they design emails, newsletters, print ads, physical mailers, billboards, and other signage. Their focus is usually on communicating a specific message for a certain campaign. 


Illustration design 



Illustration designers are the creators of visual assets that contain actual drawings such as t-shirts and wearables, cards and stationary, websites, social media, video’s, and marketing campaigns. This is a skill that many graphic designers contain and can apply to their line of work. 


Type design 



Type design is when you specialize in creating typography, fonts, and/or typeface. When utilizing this type of design, you may be creating custom lettering and numbers, making typography assets, or selecting fonts for a brand. 


Digital design 



Digital designers work on the layout of materials such as books, magazines, emails, and newspapers. There are a lot of technical skills involved in this kind of design which can make it time-consuming work. 



There are many more versions of graphic design. In today’s modern world, graphic design is everywhere. Need assistance with your brand design, graphics, or visual elements? Get help from our creative marketing team today!

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