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Website Design vs. Website Development

The Difference Between Web Design and Development


Most people believe that the same person who designs the layout of a website is the one who builds and codes it on the back end as well. This is not always the case. Many companies will utilize a website designer to create the physical look and feel of their website while having a web developer build it technically so that it functions properly with good SEO. 


Who Does The Website Design?


The website designer is a graphic artist who creates the layout, visual appearance, illustrations, images, graphics, and fonts for the website. A successful website designer possesses various graphic design and other technical skills. They aim to create a site that is visually pleasing and user-friendly (easy to use). 



Their role revolves around creating the layout along with visual aspects of the website such as graphics, headings, logos, and photos. This means they deal with the brand’s imagery, colors, fonts, and voice. The design stage of a website requires a lot of research and testing to ensure that your website is unique within your niche. 


Additionally, web designers need to consider how their design affects the coding of the website. Designers create a site structure and mockup, which developers then bring to life by coding the site. 


Who Does Website Development


The role of the web developer is to build and maintain the structure of the website. Building the website required a lot of technical work involving coding, maintaining servers and databases, and improving site functionality. They take the design of the website created by the designer, and turn it into a fully functional website with coding languages, and Search Engine Optimization. 



They assist the designer during the design process as well to ensure that the design they are creating can be made possible on the back end. Web developers handle site testing, bugging, and post-launch services like ongoing support, maintenance, blog-post uploads, website changes, and fixing server or hosting issues. 

Web developers must possess specific skill sets, such as solving problems, thinking analytically, and communicating effectively with clients and team members. To perform their job you must utilize a number of platforms and tools like WordPress and HTML. 



At Kinetek Media, we have a team of website designers and developers who work together seamlessly to build an SEO-optimized, fully-functioning website for our clients. Our systems and processes are built around quicker turnaround times and the ability to make art with code without extra costs to the clients.  Check out the finished website projects that we’ve built here. Interested in stepping up your marketing and building a website with us? Head to our contact page to get started today!

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