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The Kinetek Media Branding Process

What is the Branding Process like at Kinetek Media? 


Our branding process is individual and unique to the client. Your strategy is specifically curated toward your values, ideals, audience, and business goals. Here at Kinetek Media, we begin every branding project by getting to know who you are. Who you are and why you’re doing what you not only matters to us, but it is crucial to understand in order to convey to your audience. 


1. Branding Starts With Your Story


Every brand begins with a story, so that’s where we begin as well. During our first strategy meeting, we will go over everything that we need to know about your company and your overall goals. We start with your story and break it into your voice, mission, and identity. 


Brand Voice 


Your brand voice is the personality behind your copy, captions, and blog content. There should be consistency in your copy as if one person is behind all of the writing. Your brand voice should have an appropriate tone that matches the brand as a whole and comes across in your tone. 


Brand Mission


The brand mission is a reflection of why you began your business in the first place. A company usually displays its mission statement on its website and/or social media platforms. Your mission statement clearly states what it is that your company does and why. 


Brand Identity 


Brand identity is the company’s identifying persona. It is how consumers perceive the brand. You can curate your brand identity by utilizing your brand voice and mission statement, along with marketing efforts. The identity of a brand has a strong impact on the decision of consumers.


Without proper branding, consistency, and marketing strategy, you may not like your brand identity. In order to change the way that consumers perceive your company, switch up your branding and marketing strategy! At Kinetek media we have a team of skilled marketing professionals who can help reinvent your brand into something that you align with. We can also help you to market your reinvented brand to your target audience. 


2. Logo & Visual Branding Assets




Determining your brand identity and voice gives our graphic designers a better sense when designing the logo. We allow our clients to be heavily involved in the design process and ensure that your ideas are heard. We will send over several logo and visual branding options for you to choose from, making any edits you see fit. It is crucial for the logo to align with your brand identity, and for it to tell your story in some way. Once you’ve established a strong logo, you can utilize it within marketing collateral like business cards, stationary, packaging, etc. Consistency with your logo will create a cohesive brand identity and provide your business with credibility. 


Visual Branding Assets


During the design phase, our graphic designers create all of the branding visuals including alternative logos, colors, images, graphics, and product/ packaging design as well. They utilize the brands story, mission, and values when curating the visual elements so that the designs represent the company well.



Product Design



3. Website 


You’ll be able to use your story, identity, voice, and logo in the creation of your brand website. Let our team of trained tech experts design and build your brand website, SEO-optimized and consistent with your branding! Learn more here. 




Email Marketing 


After establishing your website you will be able to easily incorporate email marketing if it is an included part of your strategy. Depending on your target audience you may not need to include it in your strategy. If you are utilizing email marketing you’ll want to keep things consistent by using your branding colors/fonts, appropriate copy, and logo.




Including a blog section on your website is a great way to share your story with your audience, provide tips and tricks from your industry, or show people how to use your product or service. It’s not necessary to include a blog but definitely helps to provide more insight into your brand. 


4. Social Media Branding


The last step in constructing our brand’s strategy is to set up, manage, or assist with social media efforts. Depending on your target market, we may recommend and provide you with accounts on various social media platforms. If you choose to do social media management with us, we will handle all of your social media platforms including posting any images, videos, and stories that align with your specific marketing strategy. If you are handling social media internally, we can also provide you with recommendations as to what kind of content to post, where to post it, and when. 



The Kinetek branding process provides you with a consistent strategy both online as well as in-person. Interested in reinventing your branding, stepping up your marketing efforts, and growing your business? Kinetek Media is well-versed in all things marketing, including copywriting, email marketing, social media management, graphic design, product/service photography, videography, website design, and reputation management. Come to our downtown office for a free marketing consult or contact us today here!