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The Benefits Of Emotive Design

Emotive Design, Strategic Branding, and Marketing with Emotion 



What draws you to your favorite brands?


Is it the product or service they sell? How about their logo? 


Often times the physical appearance of your brand is what initially catches the eyes of consumers, but what retains those customers is different. The goal of a successful company should be to attract and retain customers within its target market. 


How do you know what will retain consumers? 


You can do this within your branding so that your designs, colors, and logo alone will resonate deeply and emotionally with your audience. Branding should align with the company’s values, mission statement, and goals. 



What is Branding?


Branding, covered in When to Rebrand vs When to Refresh, is the process of giving meaning to specific organizations, companies, products, or services by creating and shaping a certain image in consumers’ minds. Branding aims to help people quickly identify the brand and encourage them to learn more or potentially purchase something. 



It is important to note that when branding your company, there is a strategy that goes behind every color, design, and word. You don’t want to simply choose your favorite three colors simply because you like them. You want your branding to speak to your audiences, emotions, desires, and dreams. This is where strategic branding comes into play. 


What is strategic branding?


Strategic branding is constructing the visual elements of your brand in an intentional and meaningful way. By using specific color combinations, patterns, images, and messages, you can create an emotional experience for your customers. Researching their emotions, hopes, and dreams will give you insight as a company into what they want exactly.


Strategic branding is using the physical appearance of your brand to translate values that align with both you and your audience. You can do this by creating an unforgettable or emotion-provoking experience using Emotive design. Get assistance with creative impactful branding with Kinetek Media



What is Emotive Design? 



Emotive design is used within the design elements of your brand to evoke certain emotions. Color psychology is the principle that colors can make you feel certain emotions and feelings. For example, the color red can be associated with heat, danger, or even passion. If those are emotions that you feel align or translate with your brand, then you’d want to incorporate that color somehow. Read about the meaning behind your logo colors here


The key is to hone in on what emotions will encourage your target audience. In order to determine this, you’ll need to do some personal reflecting on the brand. It’s possible that you are using colors that actually repel your target audience rather than attracting it. Learn more about the meaning behind your logo colors here


Another factor to consider is using design elements that your target market is fond of and doesn’t find offense to. Take into consideration your consumer’s values, emotions, and most importantly their needs. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what they want in a brand. This is why it is crucial to do plenty of research on your target audience before starting any designs. Without understanding your audience, your efforts are much less effective. 


What makes Emotive Design special? 


The Emotive design process is special because it allows you to take the time to learn about your consumer base. You can purchase as many ads as you want but if they aren’t relatable to your audience, then they won’t be successful. Great brands meet the needs of their customers while also involving them in an entire emotional experience. The experience is what they will remember, and come back for time and time again. 


Emotive design functions by acknowledging how your customers currently feel and how you want them to feel. When you utilize emotive design in your marketing strategy, you will positively stand out among competitors, while naturally attracting your ideal customers. 


How can Emotive Design benefit my brand? 


Taking the time to understand your consumer base and creating your design elements accordingly, will help you to sell more of your product or services to an audience that may become lifetime customers. Your consumer base will want to be a part of the emotional experience you are creating for them. Emotive design makes people want to be affiliated with your brand because they feel seen, understood, and empowered. 


How do I incorporate Emotive Design into my branding? 


Step one of incorporating Emotive design into your branding is to evaluate the current state of your branding. Ask yourself what your customers may be struggling with, or what they desire to feel. What kind of problems do they encounter? What kind of emotions do they experience on a daily basis? 


Next, you’ll want to design with those emotional states in mind. At Kinetek Media, we have a talented team of graphic designers who utilize color psychology strategic design thinking, and market research. Check out our design work here


Utilize emotive design when crafting your social media presence, building your website, and displaying products/services. Strive for a clear, impactful, and relatable mission statement. By using these strategies alongside emotive designs, you will magnetically attract people to your brand. 




Successful brands are ones that not only meet the needs of their consumers but also that include them in an entire experience. If you’re ready to create a brand that’s overflowing with meaning, purpose, and emotional resonance, then Kinetek Media is here to help. Get started with your digital marketing strategy here. Follow us on social to stay up-to-date on the latest marketing trends and tips! @kinetekmedia