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How To Use Brand Archetypes

What Are Brand Archetypes? 


We have all been subjected to stereotypes in our lifetime. Whether you fit into a stereotype or not, we are usually able to relate to personality traits. Think of brand archetypes as personality traits that companies embody.


These brand archetypes are based on Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung’s personality archetypes theory. Archetypes are based on our basic human desires and how they differ from each other. Unlike a stereotype, archetypes are based on truths, not assumptions, that set them apart. Basically, your archetype is a one-word summary of who you are at the core. 


How Do You Determine Your Brand Archetype? 


So how do you determine your brand’s archetype? What are your brand’s core values? What is your brand’s mission? What do you desire from your company’s standpoint? The answers to these questions are what will steer you toward your brand’s archetype. 


Again, these 12 archetypes below are based on the personality archetypes created by psychologist Carl Jung but can be applied to branding and marketing. 


12 Brand Archetypes


The Hero 


This brand archetype acts to redeem society by overcoming obstacles through strength, courage, and goodness. The Hero is a continuous leader and will do what it takes to reach the transformation goal. 


The Creator 


This brand archetype has a passion for self-expression. The creator is highly imaginative, inventive, and innovative. When there is a problem to be solved, they will always find the most creative path to a solution. 


The Caregiver 


This brand archetype is best described in one word; altruism; the unselfish devotion to care for and nurture others. The caregiver is motivated to provide assurance and service to others, they remain calm in a crisis, and are always optimistic. 


The Explorer 


This brand archetype is all about enjoying the adventure. They are motivated by a passion for new experiences and will do just about anything to avoid boredom, even if it means pushing boundaries and taking risks. 


The Innocent 


This brand archetype is pure, virtuous, and faultless. They are the eternal optimist and their glass is always half full. The innocent can also offer nostalgia for simpler times. 


The Lover 


This archetype has an appreciation for beauty, closeness, and collaboration. Their motivation is to attract, give, and receive affirming and intimate love. The result of this is a love that goes beyond emotion. 


The Ruler 


This brand archetype represents power and control and is motivated to lead. Rather than inheriting their high status, they have worked to earn their place. The Ruler is a realist and finds meaning in creating structures. 


The Sage 


This brand archetype is motivated by independence and knowledge. The sage believes that everything is a learning experience and that the truth will set you free. At the core of all they do is the desire to discover the truth and share it with others. 


The Outlaw 

This brand archetype is all about taking risks. They are a force to be reckoned with. The outlaw is critical to social change and acceptance of change and awakening. Overall, this archetype could be classified as a rule-breaker who always questions the status quo. 


The Magician 


This archetype has the ability to dream enormous dreams and bring their audience along with them in the process. They are known to be dramatic, charismatic, and influential. The magician is able to see the world through many different lenses and is driven to understand the hidden workings of the universe in order to make their dreams a reality. 


The Jester 


This brand archetype is motivated by their desire to lighten up the world. The jester appreciates beauty, change, surprise, and humor. They often transcend societal norms, which is no surprise since they see life as a wild playground full of opportunity and fun. 


The Everyperson 


This brand archetype is driven by a sense of belonging. The ‘everyperson’ believes that we matter equally regardless of age, status, or ethnicity. They always seek to do the right thing without needing to be heroic or adventurous. 



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