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How To Improve Your Content

So you’ve decided to incorporate social media into your business’s marketing strategy. Whether you have a solid strategy in mind or are completely winging it, these tips can help you improve your content and increase your brand awareness, engagement, and sales.


Know What Problems You Aim To Solve


No matter what kind of business you have, you are ultimately selling a solution to a problem your customer is facing. Your content should show you that you understand and then can solve their problems. A solved problem leads to good reviews and customer retention. 


Set Specific & Measurable Goals



These goals include growing your email list, increasing your number of customers/clients, building your brand awareness in general, or increasing sales by a certain percentage. You want to set goals so that you can compare and track your progress and success. You should check in with your goals every quarter in order to assess and possibly change your goals so that you are continuously improving. 


Be 100% Clear On Your Audience 



Once you understand precisely who you’re talking to, you can create better content for them. Think about their interests, the problems they’re facing, etc. Put yourself in their shoes! Having an idea of who your consumers truly are will help you to carefully curate your content to be interesting or funny to that target audience. 



Deliver Content At The Right Time



It’s not only where you post that matters but also when. Many posting software includes popular posting times for you to choose from, which results in greater reach. If you post at the same time every day, your reach and content success will decrease. It’s important to mix up when you are posting your content.



Have A Content Plan



Take some time out of your day to create a content strategy or plan. Establish your strategy, including how frequently you will upload content, the types of content you will use, etc. You should write everything down so that you can see the plan more clearly. You can refer back to your plan if you need content inspiration, or just to remind yourself of the goals you have for your content.  

Mix Things Up

A feed that is too consistent can be stagnant. Mixing things up keeps your audience on their toes. You can do this by exchanging the types of content you use. You can incorporate reels, carousel posts, stories, etc. Display a variety of content, such as behind-the-scenes videos, day-in-the-life videos, funny content, and informational graphics.

Go With Quality Over Quantity

It’s important to remember throughout the process of creating and posting content, that quality matters over quantity. It will be more beneficial for you to post quality images or videos less often than to upload lesser-quality content every day. Users will be more likely to engage if you are meticulous with your content.

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