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How A Strategic Color Pallet Raises Brand Awareness

Why Is Choosing Your Color Pallet An Important Part Of Branding? 


Your company’s logo, color, and overall aesthetic heavily influence the way that consumers view and form their opinions of your brand. If they form a good opinion based on first impressions, they are typically more likely to further engage with your company or products. 


How Can I Create A Strategic Color Pallet? 


  1. Use Color For Your Target Audience


Luxury or approachable? Contemporary or classic? Knowing your target audience is key when you start strategizing your brand identity. Depending on your product or service, your target market will vary. 


  1. The Emotion Of Color 


If you want to project something wholesome, calm, and/or trustworthy you can look at blues and greens. If you want to project excitement you might use red. Check out our in-depth guide on the meaning behind color here.


  1. Be Consistent With Color


It’s vital to establish color consistency if you want your brand to be recognizable in print and on the web. Once you decide upon your pallet, stick to it unless you’ve rebranded. You want the consistency to speak to your audience so they associate your colors with your brand.


  1. Legibility Is Key 


The right colors are first and foremost, colors that ensure your content is legible. This means pairing colors that are relatively high-contrast. Hiring a graphic designer who is knowledgeable in design and color pairings is the best way to curate your branding and color pallet. 


  1. B2B or B2C? 


Think of your favorite companies and their primary colors. Companies like Harley-Davidson use warmer colors like orange which gives the feeling of connection rather than a sterile corporate feel. Meanwhile, companies like Salesforce utilize blue for a trustworthy and wise feeling. This also ties into speaking to your target audience. 


Benefits Of A Strategic Pallet 


Increases Engagement


Having a consistent strategy will likely increase your engagement if you are using social media marketing as part of your strategy. Need assistance with your social media management? We can help!

Raises Brand Awareness 


The more consistent your color pallet and logo are, the more likely consumers will recognize your branding. This is known as brand awareness. Higher brand awareness means more people finding your company.


Encourages Customer Retention 


Having a strategic color pallet can give your consumers a sense of trust. When a brand has quality branding and visual assets, they are more likely to interact with it and purchase from it. 

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