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What is it like as a team member of Kinetek?​

At Kinetek, we pride ourselves on delivering amazing work, on time and with our proven quality standards. We hire kind, intelligent, and creative people. We are flexible and turn on our heels when priorities change, have the thoughtfulness to do what’s in the best interest of the team, and the desire to always produce our best work. Working in the client service industry means going the extra mile. We do what’s right for the client, not just what’s easy. And that’s what makes our jobs gratifying. We have a startup environment with innovative personalities and fast-paced workflows. We are always trying new things and experimenting.

So if you’ve got a lot of grit and an equal amount of gumption, keep reading… you may have what it takes!

Our culture

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    We will treat our employees with the utmost respect and care because they care for our clients beyond measure and it’s this distinct client experience that makes Kinetek world class. We honor our clients with integrity and unrivaled enthusiasm. We treat our clients like we wish to be treated. Happy clients are our best review...EVER.

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    Our team is founded on truth even if it is not impressive. Kinetek clients trust us for our integrity. Honest people produce the best results!

    “Honesty is an expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people.” - Warren Buffet

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    Our work is for people by people. We are a team of kind and courteous people. We believe it has everything to do with both marketing and life. We strive to build kindness into every part of our business because we know that good vibes can really go a long way toward positive outcomes. Small acts of kindness make a big difference to the people we work with and to the people we serve every day.

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    Kinetek is home to experts from different digital and creative disciplines, but we all work together to achieve the same goals. Our office and the team environment is a safe place for creators. We work together with our clients to show the world something awesome. At Kinetek our team is what it takes to make the dream work!

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    Kinetek is committed to amplifying our client's brand voice authentically across all of their marketing efforts. We will showcase offline personality with an authentic online presence.

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    We are all about constant never ending improvement. We can’t stay the same. By sharing our knowledge and skills we become better as a group, allowing the whole team to move forward. We thrive on trying new we encourage the right to fail. Our clients deserve next-level creativity and innovation. Check back with us tomorrow, next month, next year, we’ll be better than we are today.

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    Act Like an Owner

    Every decision is a creative opportunity for growth. We stay focused on the best long-term outcome, even if it causes short-term sacrifice. Communicate with positive enthusiasm. Lead with purpose and invent the future. Be exceedingly focused on building the best long-term solutions for our clients and business.

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