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HI! I’m Eilis (eye-lash)

I am obsessed with my job and I am fortunate to work in such a rapidly changing industry.

Marketing is the culmination of strategy, art, and economics which grants me the unique opportunity to do all of the things I love.


When I’m not at work, I am usually with my family!

I am super blessed with an awesome fur family and an amazing husband.

Eilis' Dogs

Forever Growing

I am always learning and growing as a person and a professional.
I love traveling, painting, reading, and absorbing everything life as to offer.

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Fun Fact!

I love landscape photography.

This has become a huge hobby of mine and you’ll often catch me bopping off in search of beautiful places to shoot

Branding is my love language

Let’s collaborate! I love crafting amazing brands with gorgeous visuals and strong voices. Slide into our dms!

Sample of my work

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