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7 Social Media Story Ideas

Creating content for your story can be daunting and get boring after a while. Use these ideas so that your content doesn’t falter! You can incorporate these strategies into both Instagram and Facebook stories for the best results. 

Offer Deals And Discounts


Because of the 24-hour lifespan of Instagram stories, you can offer exclusive limited time-deals. People won’t miss out on this one-day deal. Scarcity sells.


Answer Questions Related To Your Business 

An easy place to start is a question sticker saying “Ask us anything!” this way your audience can interact with your story, and learn more about you and/or your business. 

Tease An Upcoming Product

Get your customers excited and curious by giving a sneak-peak of a product you’re releasing. Not only will this generate hype, but giving people early access to info is another reason for them to follow you.


Staff Takeover 

Let a member of your staff run your stories for the day. This is a great way to give your business a human angle, making you even more relatable to your audience.


Behind The Scenes


Everyone loves to get a peak behind the curtain. What does life in the office look like? What goes into making your products? What is your creative prowess like? No matter your industry, viewers love to see what goes on before the final product.


Celebrate Your Wins


Big or small, everyone loves a good success story. Showing the before and after of a product, video testimonials, or smaller case studies are all great ways of showing off your wins.


Start A Series


If you have an idea for a content series, Instagram Stories are the perfect outlet. Making your content episodic over time will boost your engagement. Be sure to add your series to a highlight so your hard work doesn’t disappear.


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