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5 Signs Your Business Is Ready For A Rebrand

There comes a time in every business’s lifetime that they are required to rebrand. Whether it’s to acquire a more modern and timeless logo, attract a new target market, or to better stand out against the competition, rebranding is never a negative thing to do. As long as you are rebranding for the right reasons and not bouncing back from a scandal or sales decline.


How do you know when the right time is to go about a business rebrand? We’ve compiled five signs that your business is ready to be rebranded. 



1. You Have Pivoted Your Business 


Pivoting your business means changing the direction in some way. This means changing aspects of your core products or services. Companies may change direction in order to drive sales or better meet customer demand. When your business model or strategy changes, so must your brand. The way consumers perceive your company should always align with the way it operates behind the scenes. 


2. You’re Trying To Connect With A New Audience 


Another reason for a rebrand is if you need to connect with a new audience and/or generation. Yesterday was Millennials, today is Gen Z. If you’re trying to grab the attention of a new audience, it’s time to think about a rebrand that caters to them. Ask yourself what your target market is spending money on, and why. You’ll want to rebrand with that new target market in mind. 


3. You’re Not Proud Of Your Brand 


If you’re embarrassed to share your website or business cards with potential customers, it’s time to change your brand into something you want to brag about. You don’t have to rebrand alone! Let our team of marketing professionals here at Kinetek collaborate with you to design branding that not only matches your target audience but also makes you proud to share with clients and on social media. Get started here


4. You’re Failing To Stand Out From Competitors 


Branding is all about standing out against competitors. If your brand is beginning to look like every other brand, it’s time to create something that will stand out. It can be difficult staying up to date with the latest branding trends, we can help!



5. You’re Struggling To Show Up Consistently 


In the eyes of your audience, an inconsistent brand is unprofessional. If this is you, it’s time to start showing up daily with a new, cohesive brand. If your website, social media pages, and google business page look nothing alike, that’s a problem. Having cohesive branding helps consumers recognize your brand, giving weight to your brand identity. If your branding is inconsistent, it’s definitely worth considering a rebrand. 


It is not easy to rebrand your business by yourself. We can help! Whether you’re in need of a new logo, an entire rebrand, or any other marketing advice, our team at Kinetek can get you there. Let our graphic designers and marketing professionals curate the perfect branding for your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your business to the next level.